WWE 2K23 Steam Deck best settings

WWE 2K23 Steam Deck best settings two wrestlers fighting

WWE 2K23 Steam Deck best settings two wrestlers fighting

The new title in the WWE 2K series is upon us and we are all excited to check out the wrestlers ratings and its DLC roster but how portable is the game? Rather, what are the WWE 2K23 Steam Deck best settings? Let's take a look then.

The Steam Deck is a definitely powerful portable console, we have seen it being able to run games such as Hogwarts Legacy more than fine. But it also has its limits so it is useful to learn what can we do to enhance the frame rate and smooth the gameplay.

Let's see what can we tweak to achieve the WWE 2K23 Steam Deck best settings.

WWE 2K23 Steam Deck best settings

We found out that the following are the best settings to achieve a good balance between performance and graphics quality:

  • Texture Quality: Standard
  • Screen Resolution: 1280X800
  • Vsync: Off
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
  • Action Camera FPS: 30
  • Model Quality: Standard
  • Shadows: Off
  • Shadow Quality: Low
  • Shader Quality: Low
  • Anti-Alias: Off
  • Reflections: Off
  • Dynamic Upscaling: AMD FSR 1

Other settings such as Depth of Field and Motion Blur can be set according to your tastes, since they don't seem to affect performance very much.

Overall, let's keep in mind that the game has not yet been optimized to run on the Steam Deck, so there might be slowdowns and overall instability.

What are WWE 2K23's PC requirements?

We would say that WWE 2K23 does not have crazy requirements, even though playing matches with lots of contestants might make the framerate drop. These are the minimum requirements:

  • Processor: Intel Core i5-3550 / AMD FX 8150
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 1060 / Radeon RX 480 (plus 3 GB of Video Memory)

These are the recommended requirements:

  • Processor: Intel i7-4790 / AMD FX 8350
  • Memory: 16 GB
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 1070 / Radeon RX 580

Since we are able to also run WWE 2K23 on the Steam Deck, there is definitely no need to worry about your PC being able to handle the game.

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