Wuthering Waves Download Stuck - How to Fix the Issue

An image of a female anime character from Wuthering Waves - Download Stuck

An image of a female anime character from Wuthering Waves - Download Stuck

Downloading Wuthering Waves, only to have the download get stuck, can be incredibly frustrating. You’re excited to dive into the immersive world and start your adventure, but instead, you’re left staring at a progress bar that seems to be frozen.

Unfortunately, the download issue isn’t the only problem preventing you from playing Wuthering Waves. Players have also reported issues such as the game not launching, fatal errors, and consistent crashes. Fortunately, there are solutions to fix these problems as well.

This guide is here to help you troubleshoot and resolve the download issue, so you can get back to downloading and finally start playing Wuthering Waves without further delays. But, before that, you might be interested in the best tactical shooters.

Wuthering Waves Download Stuck Solution

If your Wuthering Waves download is stuck, start by waiting 10-30 minutes and checking your download speed to ensure it is fast enough. If the download still doesn’t progress, try the following steps.

Launch the Correct Executable

Using the correct executable file can sometimes bypass issues related to the launcher. Navigate to the location where Epic installed the game, and run “launcher.exe” to start the game launcher instead of “launcher_epic.”

Run Launcher as Administrator

Running the launcher as an administrator can sometimes resolve permission issues that prevent proper downloading. To do this, right-click on the Wuthering Waves launcher icon on your desktop or in the start menu, and select “Run as administrator.”

If You Are Stuck at 99%

Navigate to the directory where Wuthering Waves is being downloaded and ensure the files have reached 18.3 GB. If not, pause the download, wait a few moments, and then resume the download, repeating this process until it reaches 18.3 GB.

Delete Launcher and Re-download

If the launcher is corrupted or not functioning correctly, reinstalling it can resolve the issue. Terminate all programs related to Wuthering Waves via Task Manager, then delete the folder containing the game files. Afterwards, re-download the game launcher.


By running the correct launcher, ensuring all files are cleared before reinstallation, and persistently managing the pause and restart process, you should be able to resolve the issue with the Wuthering Waves download being stuck.

Feel free to share any other solutions in the comments.

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