Will Payday 3 have DLC?

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Will Payday 3 have DLC? - picture of a heister in a bank vault
Credit: Starbreeze

Will Payday 3 have DLC? This is a timely speculation among Payday 3 fans based on the game’s ongoing development and leaked footage. Players are also excited about Payday 3’s DLC because of new features, new heist maps, and even awesome unlockables.

Players are also wondering if Payday 3’s DLCs will include powerful guns and weapon skins. This clearly indicates the eagerness of Payday 3 players to become successful at their heists.

So, will Payday 3 have DLC? In this short guide, we’ll show you the right answer according to the current information released by Starbreeze Studios.

Will Payday 3 have DLC?

According to Starbreeze Studios, Payday 3 will have two big DLCs: Silver and Gold. These DLCs will give different experiences and content to all Payday 3 players.

The Silver DLC contains the exclusive Silver Season Pass and a 3-day early access period. A cosmetic item called Dark Sterling Mask is also included in the Payday 3 Silver Edition. The Dark Sterling Mask is popular because of its unique style and color.

On the other hand, the Gold DLC contains the Gold Season Pass, Trifecta Lootbag, 3-day early access, Dark Sterling Mask, Skull of Liberty Mask, and the Gold Slate Gloves. The Gold Season Pass counts for almost one year’s worth of DLC items and extra game features.

Starbreeze Studios has emphasized that Payday 3’s DLCs will only contain cosmetic items to ensure fairness for everyone. However, other players aren’t convinced because they felt that a game loaded with microtransactions will create a rift between regular spenders and big whales.

Tailor packs are also included in Payday 3’s Silver and Gold DLCs. These tailor packs are great for customizing the Payday heisters’ attire. It's possible for Starbreeze Studios to add more tailor packs after Payday 3's global launch date.


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