Is Payday 3 be on PS4?

Will payday 3 be on PS4 - picture of a robber in a suit and clown mask
Credit: Payday 3

Will payday 3 be on PS4 - picture of a robber in a suit and clown mask
Credit: Payday 3

Will Payday 3 be on PS4? This is a question commonly asked among Payday fan communities and groups. Since Payday 2 brought cool innovations to the heist genre, it created strong interest and anticipation for Payday 3.

Now that Payday 3 is coming, players are also wondering how to activate Boost Mode on PS4. By doing so, players can have a smooth Payday 3 gaming experience.

Do you want to know if Payday 3 will be on PS4? Continue reading this article to find out.

Will Payday 3 be on PS4?

Despite initial rumors, Payday 3 will not be released on PS4. Initially, it might have seemed that Starbreeze was interested in also hitting the release on previous-gen consoles, but that seems to not be the case. At least, not for the moment.

Previously, the studio (and the publisher) had launched Payday 2 on different platforms, including both PlayStation 3 and Four, along with the Switch and Xbox 360. It seems like that for this third installment, the publisher's focus is to only hit current-gen consoles for a much more engrossing experience.

Payday 3 gameplay speculations

The Payday 3 trailer revealed intense shootouts, high-caliber weaponry, and the shot of an open world deeper than what Payday 2 introduced.

Based on the trailer, players have speculated that the heists will become more exciting yet difficult. Some players, however, are worried that the Payday 3 Season Pass is somehow similar to the Battlepass systems of most games.

Additionally, it was confirmed that Payday 2 music composer Gustavo Coutinho did the music for Payday 3.

Payday 3 pre-order

Payday 3 is now open for pre-orders. The pre-purchase offer comes with three tiered editions that have different features.

The standard edition contains the base game and a trifectal loot bag as a preorder bonus. You can get cosmetic items from the preorder loot bag.

The silver edition contains the base game and the loot bag. Additionally, players will get a badass Dark Sterling Mask, a 3-day early access advantage, and a 6-month Season Pass.

Lastly, the gold edition contains all the features and bonuses above, but it also has a 1-year Season Pass loaded with 4 heists, tailor packs, and lots of cool weapon packs.

That's all we have for you on Payday 3 on PS4. For more information on the game, check out our guides on weapons and release time.

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