Will Atomic Heart be on Steam Deck?

will atomic heart be on steam deck
Credit: Focus Entertainment

will atomic heart be on steam deck
Credit: Focus Entertainment

Atomic Heart is actually coming out later this month after many labelled the game as something that would never get released. Naturally, many gamers are curious about Atomic Heart Steam Deck compatibility and if the gorgeous FPS can be played on the powerful handheld.

The Steam Deck has been able to play some of the best-looking games of this generation, albeit with some compromises. Considering how good the game looks, many players are expecting to adjust the Steam Deck’s settings to play this shooter well.

Since Atomic Heart looks like one of the best games of this generation, many are curious as to how it will run on their PCs, let alone Steam Deck. It looks like this game will require a really expensive graphics card. There’s a reason why this game is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series.

For now, here’s what we know about Atomic Heart Steam Deck compatibility.

Can Atomic Heart run on Steam Deck?

Despite being available for pre-purchase, it’s still unknown if there will be Atomic Heart Steam Deck Compatibility. Valve hasn’t done the proper tests yet to make sure this ambitious FPS can run on this powerful handheld. It looks like Steam players will have to wait a bit longer to know if this game can be played on the go.

The Steam Deck can still play games that aren’t labelled as Steam Deck compatible, though they require plenty of tinkering. While some games fit the Steam Deck naturally with gamepad support, it’s not yet known if Atomic Heart's settings work well with the handheld.

Considering how the game takes a staggering 90 GB on Steam, we don’t think it would be the friendliest game to put on the platform. Steam Deck owners will need to have the 256 GB or 512 GB model if they want to play the game, let alone see if it works on the handheld.

Atomic Heart on GeForce Now

While playing Atomic Heart natively on Steam Deck might not be happening yet, there is an alternate solution; GeForce Now. The service allows really powerful games to be streamed on various devices, assuming that the user has a really strong internet connection.

Unfortunately, while GeForce Now can be used to stream more powerful games, Steam Deck doesn’t natively support it. However, Steam Deck owners can set up GeForce Now through less conventional means.

It’s not the most ideal way to play any game on Steam Deck but considering the power that Atomic Heart is expected to have, this might be the best way. Fans will have to wait until Steam and the game’s developers announce something in regard to the shooter’s handheld performance.

That’s all we know about Atomic Heart Steam Deck compatibility. We’re a few weeks away from the first-person shooter’s release on February 21, so news will eventually come out about its performance in the handheld.

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