Starfield dream home location – where is your mansion

Starfield dream home location Landry Hollifeld

Starfield dream home location Landry Hollifeld

Having trouble getting to your Starfield dream home location? There’s no need to feel embarrassed, it’s easy to get lost when you’re traveling between 1,000 different worlds.

You will be able to settle on numerous planets as you play through Starfield by building outposts, but you’ll eventually start feeling homesick when you have your very own mansion. Apparently being a space explorer with powers pays really well these days.

So, let this guide serve as the interstellar GPS to your Starfield dream home location, and start showing off your extravagant house to your companions and crewmates.

Where is the Starfield dream home located?

Your dream home in Starfield is located on the planet Nesoi in the Olympus system. This is close to Alpha Centauri, the system where you will be spending most of your time during the main storyline.

You can visit your dream home shortly after completing One Small Step, the game’s first mission. After you’ve finished One Small Step, a new quest, aptly named Dream Home, will show up in the All Missions tab. Going through Dream Home will lead you to your extremely expensive abode.

Nesoi will be the first planet in the Olympus system. Once you get there, your dream home will be marked on your star map.

How do you get the dream home in Starfield?

To get the dream home in Starfield, you’ll need to select the Dream Home trait during character creation. Traits cannot be added or changed once you start the game but there are ways to remove them.

Choosing a trait can provide you with some great benefits but they all have some sort of drawback that comes with them. For the dream home trait, that drawback comes in the form of a mortgage.

Owning the dream home will cost you 500 credits every week. For more details on your property’s financials, you can speak with an NPC named Landry Hollifeld in the GalBank New Atlantis branch.

And that’s our guide on where to find your dream home in Starfield. To help out with those mortgage payments, you might want to check out our guides on how to pick locks in Starfield or how to exploit the money glitch for infinite wealth.

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