What is the tanning trend on TikTok?

what is the tanning trend on TikTok - picture of TikTok logo
Credit: TikTok

what is the tanning trend on TikTok - picture of TikTok logo
Credit: TikTok

What is the tanning trend on TikTok? This is a question asked by many TikTok users, especially the ones who are always fond of using beauty filters for the sake of content.

While the tanning trend sounds like another TikTok filter craze, it is something more different. The trend requires a bit of experimentation, thus earning the ire of health experts and concerned netizens.

This guide is all about answering what is the tanning trend on TikTok, so let’s take a look at the controversial tanning trend on TikTok and its possible health effects!

What is the tanning trend on TikTok?

The tanning trend on TikTok is the newest craze where users pour beer on their skin, believing that it can lead to a perfect tan. There’s no scientific basis behind the trend, yet hundreds of users are still doing it.

According to experts, using beer for tanning can lead to sun poisoning. The unsafe practice can also increase the chances of contracting melanoma.

While many people were merely curious about the beer tanning effect, others have used the trend to make short-form content about fake ‘tanned transformations.’ The fake content created a wave of misinformation within the TikTok community.

Even before the rise of the beer tanning trend, the all-popular TikTok tan filter created a big rift between beauty enthusiasts and regular TikTok users. The tan filter is controversial because it created a superficial definition of beauty, just like other social media filters.

How to use the tanning filter on TikTok

You can get the tanning filter on TikTok by following a few steps. Since the filter is available within TikTok, you don't have to download anything else.

Here are the steps on using TikTok's tanning filter:

  • Open the TikTok app.
  • Select the "+" button to open the editing interface.
  • Tap the "effects" category.
  • Search for the "tan" filter.
  • Record your video with the tanning filter.

The tanning filter requires very little video setup on your part. You only need to adjust environmental lighting by repositioning your shot. Just set the filter and record the video as is!

Make sure that you only use the tanning filter of TikTok instead of the 'beer tanning' method. This way, you can still enjoy the tanned filter illusion without encountering some health risks.

And if you’re looking for more reasonable digital beauty enhancers, you can check out our guide on setting up a Dynamic Photo Filter. You can also top it off by knowing how to use the Low Exposure Eye Filter on TikTok.

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