Apple Vision Pro refresh rate - how many Hz does it display?

View of Apple Vision Pro displays in front of a thinking emoji
Credit: Apple

If you've been wondering whether to pick up the Apple Vision Pro or not, you may want to know all of the specs for the device - including the refresh rate of the displays inside the headset.

Whether the refresh rate of the device will determine the headsets ranking on the best VR headsets for you or not, the Apple Vision Pro apps list may dissuade you from picking it up, especially if you're torn between the Quest 3 and the Vision Pro.

But don't let us change your mind, as there are plenty of Apple Vision Pro reviews out there that will give you all of the information you need to know on whether the Vision Pro is worth buying or not. As for the refresh rate of the device, look no further.

What is the Apple Vision Pro's refresh rate?

The Apple Vision Pro supports up to 100 Hz refresh rates, with three options to choose from; 90 Hz, 96 Hz, and 100 Hz. This information comes from Apple directly, which has provided the Apple Vision Pro specs.

This technically beats the Quest 3, which offers 90 Hz refresh rate as the default. However, Meta's headset can be bumped up to 120 Hz, putting it above Apple's headset.

Higher refresh rates make virtual reality - sorry, "spatial computing" headsets a lot easier to wear. They make interacting with virtual elements a lot smoother, while also helping to alleviate motion sickness. The least you need for the smoothest experience is 90 Hz, which obviously, the Vision Pro covers.

However, motion sickness isn't the only nausea you'll get with the Vision Pro - as the eye-wateringly high price will likely make you sick before even putting on the headset. If you've got money to burn though, you can find an Apple store to have a 25-minute long Apple Vision Pro demo, or alternatively, wait for the cheaper Apple Vision Pro, which could be a lot easier on the wallet.

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