What is a Twitch raid?

Twitch raid - logo for Twitch

Twitch raid - logo for Twitch

Twitch has become one of the best platforms to stream and, naturally, also to view your favourite streamers in action. But if you've been hanging around it, you probably have heard about the term raid and being raided. But what is a Twitch raid? Let's find out together.

The platformer has been on everyone's minds lately, with many leaving and joining the platform, as YouTube has been moving in the streaming sphere as well.

But, there are no raids on YouTube, so let's find out how the Twitch raid works and what is it.

What is a Twitch raid?

Basically, it is an event that occurs when a streamer closes their own streams and sends their viewers to another channel. For example, if Jerma985 decides to finish his stream and send his viewers to Vinesauce, that would mean Vinesauce is getting raided by Jerma985.

It is a great way for viewers to discover similar streamers to the one they were just watching. Naturally, you're not forced to stay and watch whoever has just been raided, you can just leave and watch someone else.

How do Twitch raids work?

Basically, a streamer can select who they can be raided by. For example, they might choose to only be raided by streamers that they themselves follow, as that is an option that can be activated on their account.

By typing "/raid" a streamer can initiate a raid by then selecting a channel, naturally it can also be done by clicking the button on their Stream dashboard. After selecting the option, a pop-up at the top of the chat will appear and show the number of viewers and a countdown.

Viewers can opt out of joining, before the raid begins. After the select time (ten seconds or more), the streamer can select "Raid Now" and redirect all the viewers on the channel page to the target channel. It can also be cancelled before the raid begins.

That's all we have for you on the Twitch raid. For more information on streaming, check out our guide on how to stream from Xbox to Discord.

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