What engine is Starfield using? What you need to know

What engine is Starfield using? - picture of a Starfield space explorer seeing a strange event
Credit: Bethesda

What engine is Starfield using? - picture of a Starfield space explorer seeing a strange event
Credit: Bethesda

What engine is Starfield using? This question is commonly being asked in Starfield communities, especially now that the game’s release date is drawing near. Players are also curious about Starfield’s engine because the game has revealed a deep layer of exploration and customization.

Players and Bethesda fans have also speculated that Starfield’s engine is powerful enough, since the game’s planets are accurately scaled. This raised a few concerns about Starfield’s high system requirements and stability.

So, if you want to know what engine is Starfield using and running on, continue reading this article!

What engine is Starfield using?

Starfield is using Creation Engine 2, an upgraded version of the Creation Engine originally used for Skyrim and Fallout 4. The Creation Engine 2 is meant for modern gaming systems, ensuring a nearly flawless level of immersion.

According to Todd Howard, Bethesda’s Game Director, the Creation Engine 2 serves as a new tech base filled with improved systems and functionalities. Such improvements are incompatible with old gaming hardware, compelling players to upgrade their gaming rigs in order to run Starfield.

Some of the features upgraded in the Creation Engine 2 are AI physics, life-like simulation, environmental effects, and dynamic interactions. The Creation Engine 2 also improved the character simulation functions of the Havok Engine.

Will Creation Engine 2 have procedural generation?

The Creation Engine 2 will not only support procedural generation but will also bring it to a different level. This simply means that Starfield’s procedural content has the potential to become limitless.

According to Bethesda’s Tech Team, dozens of handcrafted locations will have procedural content such as free-flowing quests, encounters, and lots of stuff to explore. If the previous Creation Engine can procedurally generate a quest-giver reaching out to a player, Creation Engine 2 can generate entire dynamic locations with many quest-givers. Simply put, in Starfield, quests and stories find you!

Bethesda has also partnered exclusively with AMD to improve the optimization of Creation Engine 2. The partnership aims to create better scaling and FSR 2 image processing. This is a great opportunity for modders to build awesome creations for the Starfield community!

Are you now excited about Starfield’s Creation Engine 2? Well, you should be! With Creation Engine 2, Starfield players can build massive space businesses in addition to exploring and fighting. Plus, Creation Engine 2 can even improve the performance of the best Starfield mods such as DLSS and The Martian.

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