What does the purple circle mean on Snapchat

what does the purple circle mean on Snapchat snapchat 3d icon

what does the purple circle mean on Snapchat snapchat 3d icon

A great way that Snapchat designed its interface is by using color coding. Every time something changes, the rings around the profile pictures change as well. But users might get confused and wonder what does the purple circle mean on Snapchat? Let’s look into it and discover what is going on with that.

In 2023, the chat app is still a great way to share stories to your friends, and even a way to chat with an AI, which was added recently by the developers.

But it is also important to understand how it works and what is going on with its colors. So, let’s find out all about what does the purple circle mean on Snapchat and discover its consequences.

What is the purple circle in Snapchat?

The purple circle appears when a user has posted a story that you have not seen yet. If you’re seeing the circle around profiles that are not your friends, then the app is letting you know that if you send a request, you might get to see that story. Basically, it is Snapchat’s way of getting you to make more friends, just like your mom used to nag you.

But there is something else too. The purple circle might appear either with a lock as well. This means that the user has selected only certain users to be able to see their story. Once an approved user has viewed a Private Story, the ring will turn gray. Much like a regular viewed Snapchat Story normally would.

How to remove users from the quick add page?

If you’ve been seeing the purple circle a lot, then you definitely are viewing users that are being recommended to you by the app. To remove them, you can simply press the ‘x’ next to their name. That should hide them, but it is not guaranteed that they won’t pop up again in the future.

As mentioned, it is a way in which Snapchat wants you to add more users in your friend list. But if you don’t care, then you should rightfully hide them. Their story is probably not even worth viewing anyway.

That’s all you need to know about the purple circle on Snapchat. If you’re looking for more information on the app, do check out our guide on the Snapchat score and how the slang works.

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