Victoria 3 Anniversary Update - Everything you need to know

An image of the latest Victoria 3 expansion, colossus of the north
Credit: Paradox

An image of the latest Victoria 3 expansion, colossus of the north
Credit: Paradox

The Victoria 3 1.5 update promises a ton of content for fans of the franchise, including massive updates to warfare and companies, as well as a brand-new region pack, Colossus of the South.

With Colossus of the South, Paradox will introduce a new narrative-based campaign that will take players deep into the Amazon River, letting fans experience what South America was like during the Victorian Age.

Let's walk you through everything you need to know about the Victoria 3 1.5 update, including what to expect, when is it launching, and more.

Victoria 3 1.5 update - Release date

To celebrate 20 years of Victoria 3, the 1.5 update will launch on 14 November for all players. This update will shift the entire game with massive reworks and system changes across the board.

On top of that, as Paradox mentioned, it will bring a surprise new region pack, titled Colossus of the South.

Victoria 3 1.5 update - What's changing?

While the developers didn't go into much detail regarding the changes, it sure seems they've listened to community feedback as it seems Victoria 3 will get more than a fresh coat of paint this time around.

Some of the changes you can expect include reworks to warfare, companies, local prices, and more systems. On top of that, there'll be updates to military, economy, and diplomacy.

Victoria 3 Colossus of the South expansion

key art for the upcoming Victoria 3 expansion Colossus of the South
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Credit: Paradox
Colossus of the South is a brand-new expansion!

Shocking fans with a welcomed surprise, Paradox announced a new expansion that will also debut when the Victoria 1.5 update launches - Colossus of the South.

As we've mentioned, this DLC will let players explore the vastness many wonders South America had to offer during the Victorian Age. You'll be able to see first-hand what the reign of Pedro II was like, encounter more historical figures in South America, and even deal with challenges to the agrarian oligarchy in Brazil from anti-government bandits and the populist Integralist movement.

Is Colossus of the South free in Victoria 3?

While the Victoria 3 1.5 update will be free for all players, the Colossus of the South will launch at no additional cost for those who own the grand edition and expansion pass. Otherwise, it'll have an extra cost that's yet to be revealed.

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