Unable to access FUT 23 - how to fix FIFA Ultimate Team

Unable to access FUT 23 players celebrating goal

Unable to access FUT 23 players celebrating goal

Nothing better than to sit down and kick around a virtual ball, right? Then you are probably interested in the long-running FIFA series by Electronic Arts. But what if you're having tech issues, like being unable to access FUT 23? Let's fix it together.

The newest title in the series has been plagued by several tech problems, unfortunately, such as connection errors and mandatory update failed.

But if you just are unable to access FUT 23 there are a few things to try.

How to fix FIFA Ultimate Team 23

There's nothing worse than not being able to access a game, but luckily the fixes are simple and the first thing we recommend you do is reboot the game, as that often fixes things.

If that has not changed anything, then go ahead and check these other simple fixes.

Check server status

One important thing to do would be to check the server status, which you can do by checking the Twitter account @EAFIFADirect for updates and scheduled maintenance times. Then, clearly, check that your connection is working correctly and your transfer speed is high enough to play the game.

Close all other applications

Other applications might be using up resources on your computer that Fifa Ultimate Team 23 might need to connect to the server. Close all unnecessary applications to free up resources and give your device a little breathing room.

Check the date and time on your PC

You also want to make sure that your date and time on your PC are correct, as mismatches between your computer and the Fifa servers might end up causing problems. Finally, if all else failed, you might want to renew your IP.

Update IP address

There is another step that could help you to fix the issue. Open the Command Prompt on your device (Win + R then type "CMD") and write the following commands:

  • ipconfig /release
  • ipconfig /renew
  • ipconfig /flushdns

This will release and renew your IP address and flush your DNS cache, which can help resolve any network issues that may be causing the error. Switching to a wired connection, and disabling your firewall or antivirus software can also help.

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