Does Total War: Pharaoh have multiplayer?

Total War: Pharaoh multiplayer - pharaoh with warriors behind him

Total War: Pharaoh multiplayer - pharaoh with warriors behind him

Are you itching to go back to the battlefield? This time, the Total War series is heading to Egypt and you'd better be ready for some hard fights. But what about playing with friends? There's been talks about Total War: Pharaoh multiplayer, but how would that work?

The series has featured several multiplayer modes over the years, since playing against a friend or a human opponent is just way more fun.

So let's look at how multiplayer is actually featured in Total War: Pharaoh and, in case, how it works. Elsewhere, check out the game's release date.

Does Total War: Pharaoh feature multiplayer?

Yes, Total War: Pharaoh does feature multiplayer modes.

But, as opposed to other titles in the series, this time multiplayer will be limited to two players only. Both co-op and head-to-head modes will be available at launch.

Perhaps Creative Assembly will work to feature more multiplayer modes in the future, but that is what is launching with. Many fans of the series have been wondering about this limitation, especially considering how other games in the series support multiplayer even up to eight different human players.

Total War: Pharaoh will features both single multiplayer battles, but also a full-blown campaign. This is a campaign designed for two players to play together, with battles that can also be set to auto-resolve, as to focus more on the purely strategic aspects of Pharaoh.

In single battles, players will have access to several features in order to customise their battling experience. These include weather, size of the map and type of battle. Multiplayer campaigns can be played in co-op, but also playing against each other.

Will Total War: Pharaoh feature crossplay?

Sega has confirmed that Total War: Pharaoh will indeed feature crossplay. Both Steam and Epic Game Story players will be able to play both in co-op and against each other across the two platforms. Presumably, when the Mac version of the game launches, they will be able to do very much the same.

That's all you need to know about multiplayer, but if you want to know if you can run the game, you might also want to take a look at the system requirements.

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