How to register for Throne and Liberty beta

Throne and Liberty screenshot
Credit: NCSOFT

Throne and Liberty screenshot
Credit: NCSOFT

Curious about how to register for the Throne and Liberty beta? This is where you'll find the answers you need.

Throne and Liberty is the latest MMORPG sensation that debuted in Korea in December 2023. NCSOFT and Amazon Games have worked hand in hand to prepare for a global release and ensure players receive the highest quality gaming experience. The release for Western countries is still pending, but that doesn’t stop the game from being slated for a highly anticipated global launch.

The game's global success depends on how well the closed beta test is received and on a carefully executed marketing campaign designed for diverse audiences. Before we get into the details, make sure to visit our guide section for expert gaming advice on the newest video games across different consoles.

How to register for Throne and Liberty beta

Visit the Throne and Liberty official website to find the "Tester sign up" option located at the top right corner.

Use your Amazon account to sign in and then pick your platform: PC (Steam), PlayStation, or Xbox. Even so, tone down your expectations, since access isn’t guaranteed with signing up alone.

Open beta is accessible to anyone and has a larger pool of testers, which is the exact opposite of closed beta, which targets a more controlled audience.

Dynamic PvP and PvE scenarios will require your agility and tactics in this free-to-play expedition set in the vast world of Solisium.

Amazon Games and NCSOFT have teamed up for a beta project for Throne and Liberty that you can't afford to let slip by. The closed beta will feature cross-play support, which means you'll have the chance to experience an early taste of the game on your preferred gaming platform.

This confidential testing phase is also subject to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), and participants will be informed via email. The sooner you register, preferably by April 2nd, the better your odds.

Space is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. In such instances, slots tend to be filled in a flash. But it won't hurt to try, as your registration might still be considered. The odds are low, but there's a glimmer of hope for entry if there's an available spot.

Throne and Liberty beta start date

The closed beta will run from April 10th to April 17th. After that, all progress made during the closed beta will be lost once it ends. Gamers hailing from North America, South America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region are eligible to take part. Testers can notify developers of any bugs, glitches, or technical issues they come across during testing that weren't found internally.

That's all there is to it in terms of registering into Throne and Liberty’s confidential closed beta. If you're looking for more games, take a glance at our comprehensive guides on the best strategy games of 2024, which will surely test your wit.

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