The Last of Us Steam Deck best settings

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The Naughty Dog classic game The Last of Us is finally being made available to all non-Playstation owners with a PC release. But what about its portability? What are the best settings to run The Last of Us on Steam Deck? Let's find out.

Ever since its original release on PlayStation 3 in 2013, the game has been turning heads with its mix of dramatic narrative and nail-biting shooting gameplay.

But will you be able to make it run decently on Valve's portable console, in order to play wherever you want? Let's take a look at The Last of us best settings for Steam Deck.

The Last of us Steam Deck best settings

The good news is that the port was handled by Naughty Dog themselves who had been also testing the Steam Deck playability to make sure players are getting the best experience possible. But there are a few things to check in order to achieve the best performance possible. Let's take a look:

  • FPS Limiter: it is possible to choose between different Frame-per-second, while clearly, 60 is the best experience possible, you might want to try it bring it down to 30, or even 15 for the most extreme situations;
  • AMD FSR: by playing around with what is essentially a filter (Fidelity FX Super Resolution) you can achieve better performance while having a more grainy graphical look;
  • Variable Rate Shading: this doesn't really affect performance, but rather can help you achieve a better battery life and less drain overall.

This is all you can try for now, until the game comes out and we have a look for ourselves and then we'll know how to adapt the in-game graphical settings.

The Last of Us PC release

PC owners will be getting The Last of Us: Part 1, which is a remake of the original PlayStation 3 game.

While the PC release will see the upgrade of every graphical element to native 4K resolutions, along with several new features, Naughty Dog has been working to make sure it also runs fine on the Steam Deck.

We will be sure to update this guide once the game comes out and we see the performance on Valve's portable console. In the meantime, why not check out some of our guides on the Steam Deck such as the EmulationStation installation guide and Returnal Steam Deck best settings?

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