How to fix The Finals login failed error code 500

The Finals login failed error code 500 - An image of a person in Panda outfit

The Finals login failed error code 500 - An image of a person in Panda outfit

If you are running into The Finals login failed error code 500, we've got you covered.

This week marked the highly anticipated open beta release of The Finals. However, numerous players have encountered a classic Windows-style popup box displaying a JSON response indicating that the authorization server encountered an error.

Fret not. This guide is designed to offer you practical steps to effectively prevent encountering this login error.

How to fix The Finals login failed error code 500

To fix The Finals login failed error code 500, the recommended approach is to patiently wait for the traffic to subside and then attempt login, preferably during off-peak hours when the server load is lower.

A Reddit user shared that they resolved the issue by verifying the integrity of game files on Steam. While we cannot guarantee the success of this method, it's certainly worth attempting as a potential solution.

Thankfully, the game developers are actively addressing the issue by expanding their server capacity, as indicated in their recent Twitter post. It appears that the overwhelming level of interest in the game exceeded even the developers' expectations.

To put that into perspective, The Finals is currently the sixth most-popular game on Steam with an impressive 123,707 concurrent players. That puts it ahead of the likes of GTA 5, Baldur’s Gate 3, Call of Duty, and the resurgent Battlefield 2042.

What is the error code 500 in The Finals?

The login error code 500 is a result of the server's capacity being exceeded by the high demand from players attempting to access the game simultaneously.

According to the statement provided by the dev team, the online game service has reached its capacity due to a large number of players trying to log in simultaneously. To address this issue, the game developers had to implement a temporary login queue.

It seems that the issue is isolated to PC players, as those on Xbox and PlayStation have reported this particular error code. This suggests the possibility that server prioritization may be favouring console players over PC players.

And that's everything about The Finals login failed error code 500. Before you head off, check whether you can play The Finals on Steam Deck.

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