How to fix The Finals error code TFMR0007

A The Finals character aiming with a revolver at something off-screen
Credit: Embark Studios

A The Finals character aiming with a revolver at something off-screen
Credit: Embark Studios

Want to know how to fix The Finals error code TFMR0007? Then we got you covered with this nifty guide.

The Finals has taken the FPS community by storm due to its extremely dynamic gameplay with detailed destructible environments that allow players to creatively engage with enemies in unique ways, even if they've played the same map hundreds of times.

In this guide, we'll show you how you can fix error code TFMR0007 and what exactly causes it in The Finals. While you're here, check out how to fix other common error codes such as TFLA0002, TFGE0000, and TFGE0001.

The Finals error code TFMR0007: how to fix

A The Finals character dressed as a panda using a bamboo stick as a melee weapon
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Credit: Embark Studio
The Finals is a goofy-looking but very intense FPS

Error code TFMR0007 happens in The Finals when you're queuing up for a match. As soon as you start looking for a game, cancelling the search as a result.

Embark Studios has not shared why this error happens, so we can't give any specifics as to what actually causes it, though players have deducted causes include issues with servers, crossplay features, and certain software interfering with the game.

We do, however, have some solutions on deck to help you fix it.

Check The Finals server status

The most obvious one - maybe as soon as you queue up maintenance started and you didn't notice. We recommend you periodically check the devs' social media, we also have a dedicated and up-to-date guide informing you about upcoming server downtimes.

Turn crossplay off or on

Not the most technical method, but according to some players it has helped with error code TFMR0007. If you're playing with crossplay features off, turn them on and relaunch the game.

Similarly, if you have them on, turn them off and launch the game again. Try it out and see if you can queue for a match, then revert to your old settings and test it again to see if the issue is fixed for good.

Change region

The region you play regularly might have some server issues and could have been taken down. Try and find another one and test out if you can queue for a match, this way you'll know whether it's a region-based issue or if is there something else going on.

And that's about it. For more content, check out how to add friends in The Finals, gaming is always better with mates... unless they suck.

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