How to fix Tekken 8 fatal error on Steam Deck

Tekken 8 fatal error Steam Deck - An image of Tekken 8 on Steam Deck

Tekken 8 fatal error Steam Deck - An image of Tekken 8 on Steam Deck

If you are a Steam Deck user encountering the vexing fatal error in Tekken 8 when attempting to launch the game, this guide is custom-tailored to assist you in swiftly resolving this issue and returning to your Tekken 8 gaming experience without interruption.

Tekken 8 is finally here, but for Steam Deck users, the excitement may be dampened by the silly launching issue when attempting to play the game. Fortunately, the Tekken community has come up with effective solutions and workarounds.

Whether you're using the new Steam Deck OLED or the older LCD model, this guide presents proven solutions suggested by fellow Reddit users to address the "Tekken 8 Fatal Error" issue and get you back into the game swiftly.

How to fix Tekken 8 fatal error on Steam Deck

To fix the Tekken 8 fatal error on Steam Deck, enable Proton Hotfix in the game's compatibility settings, and then restart the game. Many Reddit users have reported success with this solution, so it should work for you as well.

To enable Proton Hotfix compatibility for Tekken 8, follow these steps:

  • Locate and select the Tekken 8 game in your Steam library.
  • To the far right of the Play button, click the settings (gear icon), then select Properties.
  • Within the Properties menu, click on "Force Compatibility" and choose "Proton Hotfix" from the dropdown menu.
  • Proceed to launch the game; it will automatically initiate the download for the hotfix and then launch the game.

Alternatively, one Redditor suggests that using Proton GE8-27 can resolve the issue, so it's worth trying if the first method doesn't work. However, the first method is successful in 99% of cases, making it a reliable option.

And that covers everything about the Tekken 8 fatal error on Steam Deck. Before you head off, make sure you check out how to unlock Tekken 8's alternate ending and how to unlock Reina's Character Episode in Tekken 8.

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