Street Fighter 6 fatal D3D error 25 - how to fix SF6 crashing

Street Fighter 6 fatal D3D error 25 - how to fix SF6 crashing

Street Fighter 6 fatal D3D error 25 - how to fix SF6 crashing

The notorious fatal D3D error 25, once a scourge among players of the Resident Evil 4 Remake, has now reared its head in the realm of Street Fighter 6, causing frustration among passionate fans.

The latest instalment of Street Fighter is not without its fair share of technical challenges. Players have encountered more than just the infamous Fatal D3D Error 25, as issues like the communication error and the frustrating Aw-20001 error have also plagued the community.

In this article, we delve into the perplexing realm of Street Fighter 6 crashes and explore effective strategies to combat the fatal D3D error 25.

What is Street Fighter 6 fatal D3D error 25?

The fatal D3D error 25 you encounter while playing Street Fighter 6 indicates a conflict between Denuvo and Koalageddon.

Denuvo and Koalageddon have conflicting goals. Denuvo aims to protect the game from tampering and unauthorized access, while Koalageddon enables users to bypass the intended restrictions and access DLC content without proper authorization or payment.

When both Denuvo and Koalageddon are present on a system while playing a game like Street Fighter 6, they can interfere with each other's processes. This interference can lead to memory overflow, and ultimately result in the fatal D3D error 25.

How to fix Street Fighter 6 fatal D3D error 25

To fix Street Fighter 6 fatal D3D error 25, uninstall Koalageddon from your PC.

Numerous users on Reddit have reported that uninstalling the DLC unlocker has proven effective in resolving the Street Fighter 6 fatal D3D error 25. Considering this, it's worth attempting the same solution to address the issue.

If the issue persists, here are some other possible fixes for the Street Fighter 6 fatal D3D error 25:

  • Update your graphics card: Ensure that you have the latest drivers for your graphics card installed. Go to the official website of the graphics card manufacturer and see if you have any pending updates to be installed.
  • Disable Raytracing: Raytracing is a graphics rendering technique that can cause strain on your graphics card and result in crashes or errors. So, turn off RT and see if it makes any difference.
  • Adjust graphics settings: Running the game at graphics settings that exceed the capabilities of your computer can cause the fatal D3D error 25. So, try lowering the graphics settings to see if this resolves the issue.
  • Terminate conflicting software: Conflicts with other software running on your computer can also cause the error. Try terminating any background programs that may be interfering with the game.
  • Verify game files integrity: Verifying the integrity of the game files can help resolve the issue, in case corrupted files are the root cause of the problem. You can try uninstalling and reinstalling the game as a final resort.

The aforementioned solutions are equally applicable if you are playing Street Fighter 6 on Steam Deck.

Keep in mind that not all of these fixes may work for every player experiencing the fatal D3D error 25 in Street Fighter 6. It may require a bit of trial and error to determine which fix works best for your particular situation.

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