Street Fighter 6 error code 50708-10005 - fix the SF6 communication error

Street Fighter 6 error code 50708 female character

Street Fighter 6 error code 50708 female character

If you are encountering error code 50708-10005 while playing Street Fighter 6 on Steam Deck, PC or console, this guide is for you!

Apparently, SF 6 is riddled with numerous communication errors. Error code 50708-10005, along with Aw-20001 and 50200-20605 are plaguing the game, causing disruptions in cross-platform matches and multiplayer connectivity.

In this article, we delve into the causes of this error code 50708-10005, and explore potential solutions, allowing Street Fighter 6 enthusiasts to fully immerse themselves in the battles that lie ahead.

What is the Street Fighter 6 error code 50708-10005?

Street Fighter 6 error code 50708-10005 on screen
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Street Fighter 6 error code 50708-10005 arises when the game servers attempt and fail to connect players from different platforms, such as PC and console, for casual or ranked matches.

That means if you're playing on a PC and the game's server attempts to pair you with someone on a console, this error code will appear.

It appears that Street Fighter 6 is currently experiencing difficulties when attempting to establish cross-platform connections, particularly between PC and other platforms during online gameplay.

In some instances, error code 50708-10005 may surface when the game servers are experiencing downtime or excessive load, rendering them unable to facilitate proper matchmaking across platforms.

How to fix Street Fighter 6 error code 50708-10005

To fix Street Fighter 6 error code 50708-10005, disable crossplay. By turning off crossplay, you can eliminate the compatibility issues that arise when attempting to connect with players on different platforms.

Many members of the Street Fighter 6 community on Reddit have reported finding the suggestion to disable crossplay as an effective tip for resolving error code 50708-10005.

If the issue persists despite attempting the suggested solutions, it is advisable to investigate the status of the game servers. It is plausible that the error may be attributable to server-related problems.

To determine the current server status, we recommend visiting the official social media page to check for any announcements or updates regarding server maintenance or outages.

If it turns out that the servers are indeed down, it confirms that the issue lies outside of the player's control. In such cases, it is crucial to be patient and await the resolution of the server-related problem by the game's developers.

And that covers everything about Street Fighter 6 error code 50708-10005. Now learn about how to fix the fatal D3D error 25 in the game.

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