Street Fighter 6 communication error - fix SF6 error code 50200-20605

Street Fighter 6 communication error - fix SF6 error code 50200-20605 Ryu using a special move

Street Fighter 6 communication error - fix SF6 error code 50200-20605 Ryu using a special move

For those having problems with the Street Fighter 6 communication error, let's find out how to fix SF6 error code 50200-20605.

While Capcom has made sure to launch the game early, with a successful open beta and the game also working on Steam Deck. But also there have been some issues such as error Aw-20001.

Still, if your error is a communication one, let's look at how to fix SF6 error code 50200-20605.

How to fix Street Fighter 6 communication error

On 8 June 2023, the devs acknowledged that the "online network is currently unstable." They are working on the issue and expect to have it resolved soon. So, hang in there!

Back in the old days when Street Fighter 2 (or 3) launched with a simple offline campaign, the biggest worry for players was making sure their CDs and floppies would read correctly. Now, all these years later, there are much bigger problems, such as those with servers.

Let's start by looking at some simple fixes for the Street Fighter 6 communication error, as there would be no need to do anything complicated.

Restart the game

This should be the first thing you want to do, as it is a quick fix that can work wonders. Naturally, we would also recommend closing down the launcher you are using (i.e. Steam) or restarting it all together as that might also help. You can also restart your PC or console, as that also might work.

Check the server status

Perhaps the problem is on Capcom's side, then you want to make sure before doing anything else. Look on the Twitter page to find out all the latest updates about the servers and if they are undergoing maintenance.

Check your internet connection

A good idea might also be to see if your ISP is having issues or perhaps there is something wrong with your settings. Try loading another online game or another website (such as YouTube for example) and see if it works correctly. We can also recommend restarting your router quickly, should you see anything weird or your connection going particularly slow.

Disable your antivirus or firewall

For those PC players in particular, having software that is interfering with Street Fighter 6 can be a problem. Try disabling your antivirus for the moment and see if that fixes the problem, you can always re-enable it later or check if there are any software updates.

As for your firewall, we recommend setting Street Fighter 6 as one of the apps that Windows Defender (or any other application you might be using) consider as "safe", otherwise that might lead to problems. Try also disabling it for a moment, to check if that was the problem, but do remember to turn it on later.

What is Street Fighter 6 error code 50200-20605?

Street Fighter 6 error code 50200-20605 refers to a generic "communication error", so what the game is saying is basically that it cannot seem to connect to the servers.

Again, as we were referring to earlier, this problem might originate from your connection having issues or from Capcom's servers undergoing maintenance.

Overall, we recommend you be patient and wait, you can do a quick single-player session in the meantime, or try the World Tour mode to unlock a few costumes and extras that can also be used in multiplayer.

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