How to set keybinds on Streamlabs

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Streamlabs is a popular software for live streaming on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and more.

However, managing your stream can be challenging if you have to constantly switch between windows, click on buttons, or use your mouse. That's why the software developers have given you the option to use keybinds on Streamlabs.

Keybinds are keyboard shortcuts that allow you to quickly perform various functions in Streamlabs Desktop without disrupting your stream's flow. For example, you can use keybinds to switch scenes, start recording, mute your mic, and so on. With that said, here's a guide on how to use hotkeys on Streamlabs.

How to set up keybinds in Streamlabs

Streamlabs Keybinds
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Setting up keybinds in Streamlabs Desktop is very easy. You can assign any key or combination of keys to any function you want. Here are the steps to set up keybinds in Streamlabs Desktop:

  1. Open Streamlabs Desktop and click on the Settings cog.
  2. Find the option that says Keybinds and click on it.
  3. You will see the keybinds menu with various functions available to you to add keybinds.
  4. Click on the box next to the function you want to assign a hotkey to and press the key or combination of keys you want to use.
  5. Repeat this for any other functions you want to have keybinds for.
  6. Click Done to save your changes.

You can also edit or delete your keybinds anytime by going back to the keybinds menu and clicking on the box again. You can also reset all your keybinds to default by clicking on the Reset button at the bottom of the menu.

How to use keybinds in Streamlabs Desktop

Once you have set up your keybinds, you can use them anytime during your stream. Just make sure that Streamlabs Desktop is running and focused on your computer.

To use your keybinds, simply press the key or combination of keys you assigned to the function you want to perform. For example, if you assigned F1 to start recording, just press F1, and Streamlabs Desktop will start recording your stream.

You can also use a device like a Loupedeck or a Streamdeck to control your stream with keybinds. These devices are specially designed for streamers and have dedicated buttons, knobs, and sliders that you can customize with keybinds.

By the way, once you're done here, make sure to take a look at our article on how to create scenes in OBS/Streamlabs.

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