SteamWorld Build PC requirements

SteamWorld Build key art with character Core in front of it
Credit: Thunderful Publishing

SteamWorld Build key art with character Core in front of it
Credit: Thunderful Publishing

SteamWorld Build may start simple, but it quickly adds layers of complexity as you play. If you plan on zooming in to appreciate the little details provided by the art and animation teams, this guide will help by revealing the SteamWorld Build PC requirements.

Like most city building games, you'll spend most of your time with SteamWorld Build in a high-up top-down view. There's plenty of dangers in the mines beneath your city to deal with, however, and good specs can help you spot a threat before it's too late.

Looking to learn more about SteamWorld Build? You're in the right place! We shared our thoughts after a hands-on preview and can tell you if the game is coming to Game Pass.

A well-built city in SteamWorld Build
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Credit: Thunderful Publishing

SteamWorld Build minimum PC requirements

Unlike most games, SteamWorld Build doesn't provide any recommended specs. It has shared a list of minimum requirements, however, and meeting them is important if you plan to play the game on PC.

It should be noted that the game also requires a 64-bit processor and operating system. The game's graphics settings will let you choose a quality preset with the selection ranging from low to high, but a custom option is available for individual tweaks.

Operating System
Windows 10 64bit
Intel Core i5 8400
8 gigabytes of RAM
Graphics card
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
Version 12
4 gigabytes of available space

SteamWorld Build graphics options

As mentioned above, SteamWorld Build provides extensive graphics settings. We've listed these options below so you can get an idea of how performance can be impacted - especially useful in cases where only a few of the minimum recommendations are met.

  • Resolution - 640 x 480 to 1920 x 1080
  • Screen mode - Fullscreen, borderless, or windowed
  • V sync - Sync, half sync, no sync, or 30 / 60 / 120 FPS
  • City brightness - adjustable slider
  • Mines brightness - adjustable slider
  • Quality preset - low, medium, high, or custom
  • Shadow quality - off, low, medium, or high
  • Texture quality - low, medium, or high
  • Bloom effect - off, low, medium, or high
  • Ambient occlusion - off, low, medium, or high
  • Motion blur - on or off
  • Depth of field - on or off
  • Soft particles - on or off
  • LOD quality - adjustable slider

If your computer doesn't hit the minimum requirements, there's no need to worry. Alongside its release on PC, SteamWorld Build is launching on PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch on December 1st, 2023.

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