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Can you trade in Steam Deck LCD for the OLED version?

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Steam Deck trade in OLED - An image of a Steam Deck OLED in yellow background

Valve has officially unveiled the Steam Deck OLED, sparking interest among many current owners to trade in their existing Steam Deck for this new model, enticed by the promise of a superior display.

Not only does it boast an enhanced display, but also offers improved battery life, advanced Wi-Fi technology, and a lighter design. These significant upgrades make the new version a clear frontrunner in the Steam Deck LCD vs OLED debate, tempting many users with its array of improved features.

In this guide, we delve into the highly discussed topic of whether you can trade in your existing LCD Steam Deck for the coveted OLED model.

Can you trade in Steam Deck LCD for the OLED version?

Presently, it is not possible to trade in Steam Deck LCD for the OLED version. A representative from the Steam Support team clarified that such an exchange program is not offered "at this time."

This suggests that, for now, customers looking to upgrade their Steam Deck LCD to an OLED model cannot do so through a direct trade-in method. However, the possibility of such an option being introduced in the future remains open, although it is not guaranteed.

For the latest updates and information regarding this matter, customers are advised to regularly check the Steam Deck Store page. Rest assured we will also keep you informed and update you if there are any changes to this policy.

What are your other options?

Currently, the only feasible way to upgrade from an LCD to an OLED Steam Deck is to sell your existing LCD model, which can help recoup part of your investment, and then use these proceeds along with extra funds to buy a new OLED version.


You can consider selling your LCD Steam Deck on platforms like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. Additionally, Swappa is an excellent option that often offers competitive prices for devices like the Steam Deck.

And that wraps up all the details regarding the Steam Deck trade-in options for the OLED model. If you're uncertain about which storage model to choose, we recommend you read our "Which Steam Deck should you get?" guide for an informed purchase.

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