How to fix Steam Deck SD card not showing up issue

Steam Deck SD card not showing up - picture of Steam Deck with opened games
Credit: Steam

Steam Deck SD card not showing up - picture of Steam Deck with opened games
Credit: Steam

Are you wondering why your Steam Deck SD card is not showing up? You're not alone. Dozens of players have also encountered the issue, and they're always eager for a permanent solution.

Players are also annoyed whenever Steam Deck can't reach Steam servers. This issue can even add up to the problem of having an unreadable Steam Deck SD card!

In this short guide, you'll learn how to fix the issue of SD card not showing up in your Steam Deck.

What causes the Steam Deck SD card not showing up issue?

Basically, "Steam Deck SD card not showing up" means that your Steam Deck couldn't detect your SD card. There are numerous factors related to this issue, and all of them are worth looking into.

Here are the possible reasons why your Steam Deck is not reading the SD card:

  • Your micro SD card is damaged or corrupted.
  • A bug is preventing your Steam Deck from reading the SD card.
  • Some conflicting issues with game files.

At this rate, you might possibly consider buying a new SD card. Before you do so, just sit back and try out some technical solutions first.

How to fix the Steam Deck SD card not showing up issue

The "Steam Deck SD card not showing up" issue can be fixed with some tried-and-tested methods.

Here are the methods that you can try:

  • Restart your Steam Deck: Sometimes, a bug in the Steam Deck game files can affect an SD card's readability. Restarting or rebooting the Steam Deck will reboot all files and internal systems, fixing any potential bugs.
  • Reinsert the SD card: A reading error can be fixed by as simple as removing and reinserting the card. Make sure that you shut down your Steam Deck properly before removing a card or any component.
  • Check the battery charge of your Steam Deck: If the Steam Deck is at 20% or below, charge it fully first. Afterwards, boot up your Steam Deck and see if it can now read the SD card.
  • Format the SD card: Corrupted files, errors, and bugs within the SD card can conflict with Steam Deck's card-detection capabilities.
  • Check for any SD card damage: If your SD card is damaged, then your best choice is to buy a replacement. Check out the best micro SD cards available in the market.

Always be patient while checking for SD card-related errors. You probably need to reinsert the card a few times before the Steam Deck reads it. Lastly, it wouldn't hurt to have a spare SD card in the first place!

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