Starfield suit protection depleted - how to recharge it

Starfield suit protection depleted - An image of an astronaut in space suit
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield suit protection depleted - An image of an astronaut in space suit
Credit: Bethesda

If you're playing the latest Bethesda space exploration game and you see the Starfield Suit protection depleted warning while exploring the planets, you might be wondering how to recharge your suit.

In Starfield, your suit keeps you safe from things like getting hurt by weapons or the environment. However, there's a limit to how much damage it can withstand. Once that threshold is reached, you'll need to recharge your suit.

This guide is all about helping you recharge your suit in Starfield when its protection gets depleted.

How to recharge suit protection in Starfield

To recharge suit protection in Starfield, enter a confined space with oxygen, such as your ship or an indoor habitat. Suit protection recharges automatically when you're somewhere safe where the environmental hazard is not affecting you.

The resistance ratings of your suit and the amount of damage from the environment directly influence the speed at which your protection depletes. If your rating isn't high enough to counter the damage from the environment, your suit protection wears down faster.

If, for instance, you have 20 Radiation protection and the planet causes 30 Radiation damage, as soon as you leave your ship, you'll see a warning because the rating isn't high enough to cope with the damage.

Your health bar will turn yellow and start to go down slowly. You will not be able to restore your health past the yellow part, until you head somewhere safe where there is oxygen to recharge your suit protection and regain your maximum health.

What does suit protection depleted mean in Starfield?

In Starfield, the suit serves as your primary armour, guarding you against various types of harm like weapon attacks and environmental dangers such as heat, corrosive substances, and radiation.

"Suit protection depleted" in Starfield means that the defence provided by your suit has been used up or worn out. When your suit protection is depleted, you become more vulnerable to damage until you recharge by getting back to an O2-rich environment.

And that covers everything we know about the suit protection depleted warning in Starfield. Now that you know how to recharge your suit protection in Starfield, make sure you check out the Starfield money glitch.

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