Starfield romance options - every companion you can woo

Starfield romance options

Starfield romance options

Exciting news has graced the cosmos as Todd Howard has confirmed that there will be romance options in Starfield.

This revelation brings solace to passionate players who eagerly anticipated the blossoming of relationships amidst the vastness of space, especially after the realization that the multiplayer mode will not be a feature in Starfield.

In this guide, we will discuss the different romance options available in the highly anticipated space-faring RPG, Starfield. While you are here, make sure you check out Starfield planets.

How many romance options will Starfield have?

So far, we know there will be at least four potential romantic partners in Starfield. Each of these NPCs will be a part of your spacecraft's crew and can join you on your adventures as companions.

Of these four romance options in Starfield, we currently only know the identity of two - Sam Coe and Sarah Morgan. Same Coe is a talented pilot and former space cowboy, while Sarah Morgan is an ex-soldier who now leads the Constellation faction.

Now, four doesn't seem like a lot of options, especially knowing roughly how many inhabited worlds there will be in Starfield, but there is always the possibility that more romanceable NPCs will be added to the game later on.

How do you romance companions in Starfield?

Todd Howard, the game's director, has stated that romance in Starfield will be "more complex" when compared to other games. We don't know what this means exactly, but it looks like Bethesda is going for quality over quantity this time around.

We wanted [a system] where you can be in a relationship, we’ve committed to each other in some way, but I just did something that really made you angry and as opposed to just drifting out of that status you’re in a temporary ‘I don’t like what you did’ state.

Still, it's safe to assume that romancing a certain character will lean into their personal interests and beliefs. For example, Sarah Morgan is keen on Artifacts, so taking her along with you on some relic hunts might win her over.

Again, Bethesda hasn't revealed too much about the romance system in Starfield yet but you can expect them to do so in the following weeks. If you want to know more about Starfield, check out the land vehicles and the best mods for the game.

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