Starfield multiplayer - does Starfield have a co-op mode?

Starfield multiplayer - does Starfield have a co-op mode?

Starfield multiplayer - does Starfield have a co-op mode?

As the countdown to the highly anticipated release of Bethesda's immersive RPG, Starfield, draws closer, fans are buzzing with curiosity about the game's multiplayer and co-op features.

With a staggering array of 1000 planets waiting to be explored within the vast expanse of Starfield's universe, it would be fun to embark on these interstellar adventures alongside your friends. But is it possible?

In this guide, we will delve into the topic of Starfield's multiplayer capabilities, exploring the possibilities of cooperative play and the potential for you and your companions to traverse the cosmos together.

Does Starfield have a multiplayer mode?

No, Starfield does not have a multiplayer mode at launch.

The Starfield Direct showcase of June 2023 confirmed that Starfield is intended to be a single-player experience without cooperative multiplayer functionality.

While Starfield allows you to assemble a crew and companions throughout your journey, it is currently not possible for your friends to join you in and explore the planets together.

This could change in the future, though.

Will Starfield multiplayer be added post-launch?

As of now, there’s no indication that Bethesda is planning to add Starfield multiplayer post-launch.

But if there’s enough demand from fans, Bethesda might consider making an official multiplayer mode for Starfield. They could introduce a multiplayer mode to Starfield through methods such as DLCs or expansion packs.

If Bethesda does not officially introduce a multiplayer mode for Starfield, there is a possibility that dedicated modders within the gaming community might take it upon themselves to develop a multiplayer mod for the game.

With the encouragement of Starfield director Todd Howard for players to mod the sh*t out of the game, it is possible that modders might develop a Starfield mod that introduces a multiplayer or co-op mode.

Modders have a history of creating innovative and exciting additions to games, and one notable example is the introduction of a co-op mode for Skyrim, another game developed by Bethesda.

Given the enthusiasm and talent of modders, it is conceivable that they could also develop a mod for Starfield, introducing a multiplayer or co-op mode to enhance the game's experience even further.

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