Starfield vehicles - land or ground vehicles in the game

starfield vehicles

starfield vehicles

If you are looking for information on land or ground vehicles in Starfield, this guide is for you!

Starfield is set to launch soon and it comes with a huge promise of interplanetary exploration. With an astounding number of over 1000 Starfield planets to traverse, players are curious about the availability of vehicles to aid them in navigating such expansive terrains.

In this guide, we will explore the possibilities of land-based transportation that will accompany you on your epic journey through the cosmos.

Will Starfield have land vehicles?

No, Starfield will not have land or ground vehicles.

Todd Howard confirmed in an interview that there will be no ground vehicles at the game’s launch, nor will there be an ability to mount creatures and use them as transportation.

Instead, you'll rely on what's referred to in the game as a Boost Pack for your on-planet exploration. The Boost Pack will also have an upgrade system to improve things like its usage time and distance covered.

Land vehicles can be modded into the game

While the official release of Starfield does not include ground vehicles, there is always the potential for modders to introduce custom content and expand the game's features.

With the encouragement of Starfield director Todd Howard for players to mod the sh*t out of the game, it is possible that talented modders might develop a Starfield mod that introduces ground vehicles for the exploration of planets and cities.

We recommend you stay tuned to the modding community and official channels for updates and announcements regarding potential mods for Starfield.

Future Starfield DLC might add land vehicles

It is conceivable that a future Starfield DLC could include the introduction of land vehicles, providing players with fresh opportunities for planetary exploration and transportation.

Considering the vastness of Starfield's universe and the potential for planetary exploration, it's not far-fetched to speculate that a future DLC could introduce a land vehicle like a buggy or a similar means of transportation.

Keep an eye on official announcements and updates from Bethesda to stay informed about any potential DLC plans for Starfield, including the possibility of land vehicles being included in future content releases.

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