Starfield high price to pay - how to solve the quest

Starfield high price to pay - guy walking towards portal

Starfield high price to pay - guy walking towards portal

Choices are always though, especially if we are not sure of the consequences. RPGs are filled with them and we'll have to make them and hope that we will get some nice rewards. If you're wondering about the consequences in Starfield high price to pay quest, we're here to help.

Unfortunately, the consequences in this particular quest are not positive at all. As we will see, there will be the death of one of your companions, so can we actually avoid that?

We will guide you through what happens during the heavy price to pay quest in Starfield. Let’s see how to complete it.

Best decisions in the Starfield high price to pay quest

At one point in the quest, you will have to choose to either defend the Constellation or attack the other faction, the Eye.

What happens is that members of the Constellation faction will be split into two groups. One of your companions will remain at the Lodge, while the other members will be at The Eye.

Once you talk to Noel, The Eye will be attacked by enemies led by the Hunter, and then The Lodge will be attacked as well. Now, you will have two choices: defend the lodge or go back to the Eye.

Unfortunately, whatever decision you take, one of your companions will day. The victim will usually be the one you will have most affinity with, there is nothing we can do to avoid that.

Defend the Lodge

If you choose to defend the lodge, then here's what happens:

  • Attack the Hunter, while you are fighting your other members will go to the basement through the sewers.
  • Follow them and reach The Well. Hunter will be after you, so do not waste time.
  • Time to escape, so go back to the ship.
  • Go to the Eye and see what has transpired.

Unfortunately, your companion will be dead.

Go back to the Eye

If you choose to go back to the eye, then follow these steps:

  • Leave the Lodge quick before Hunter chokes Walter.
  • One of your companion will be wounded, but that's not the end of it.
  • When you return to the Lodge, one of your companions will be lying there dead.

That's all we have for you on the Starfield high price to pay quest. For more tips and tricks on the game, check out our guides on how to move objects and best mods.

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