Starfield flashlight not working - how to fix the flashlight bug

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Starfield flashlight not working - An image of a person wearing an helmet with flashlight
Credit: Bethesda

If the Starfield flashlight is not working for you, we have gathered some proven solutions from Reddit to help you out.

Initially, some aspects of Starfield may seem buggy, such as reported issues with the unlock command and the fitness challenge. However, these problems often stem from user errors or misunderstandings, and the flashlight issue falls into a similar category.

In this guide, we'll provide you with practical solutions to fix the flashlight not working issue in Starfield as well as the flashlight bug where it turns off instantly.

How to fix the Starfield flashlight not working issue

To fix the Starfield flashlight not working at all issue, make sure you are equipped with a helmet, not a regular hat. If your flashlight turns on briefly for a second and then shuts off, you'll need to delete your shader cache. More details on that coming up.

To verify whether you are wearing a helmet, access your inventory and hover over your equipped space suit. If, in the 'outfit preview,' your character does not appear to be wearing a helmet, this may be the source of the problem.

This issue shares similarities with the problem of the Starfield jetpack not working, where the inability to use the boost pack is due to having a regular backpack equipped instead of one with boost capabilities.

How to fix the Starfield flashlight instant turn-off bug

Numerous Starfield players have encountered a frustrating problem where their flashlight turns on for approximately one second before abruptly shutting off.

To fix the Starfield flashlight instant turn-off bug, go to C:\user\[yourname]\AppData\Local\Starfield\ and delete the Pipeline.cache file, then launch the game. This solution has been verified by multiple Reddit users.


It appears that this issue is linked to the shader cache. By deleting the cache file and restarting the game, Starfield will automatically generate a new, uncorrupted cache, ultimately resolving the problem.

By implementing the solutions outlined here, you can effectively resolve the issue of the Starfield flashlight not working and explore the dark parts of the Starfield planets easily. While you're here, make sure you check out the latest info on the multiplayer mod in Starfield.

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