Starfield First Contact quest guide - options and outcomes

Starfield First Contact quest guide - An image of Diana Breckenridge, the captain of ESC Constant, and her crew mates

Starfield First Contact quest guide - An image of Diana Breckenridge, the captain of ESC Constant, and her crew mates

The First Contact quest in Starfield is one of the most interesting side quests in the game.

What's really cool about this quest is that you have three distinct choices to pick from in order to complete the quest, just like in Baldur's Gate 3. Each choice leads to different outcomes, adding to the excitement and variety of the quest.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the intricacies of the First Contact quest in Starfield, offering insights into the choices, interactions, and outcomes that shape your journey.

Starfield First Contact quest guide

In the Starfield First Contact side quest, you'll undertake the mission of helping colonists aboard the ESC Constant colony ship to settle on the planet Porrima-II within the Porrima system.

The ESC Constant, having journeyed through space for over 200 years, carries generations of colonists who initially fled Earth for a better future. Stranded with outdated technology, the colonists were unable to communicate with the inhabitants of Porrima-II.

Your task is to bridge the gap and communicate with the planet's residents on behalf of the colonists. Adding to the complexity, the planet is now under the ownership of a corporation that intends to transform it into a sprawling resort.

Diana Breckenridge, the captain of ESC Constant, will explain the situation and request your help. Once you decide to help them and land on Porrima II, you'll have a chat with the CEO of Paradiso, Oliver, regarding the colonists on the ship.

He'll present you with three choices to complete the First Contact quest in Starfield:

  • Let ESC Constant settle on Porrima-II, but as indentured servants to Paradiso, forced to pay and work for their settlement rights.
  • Pay for a Grav Drive so the ESC Constant can settle in another system.
  • Blow up the reactor and destroy the spaceship.

In essence, the choices in the Starfield First Contact mission involve persuading the colonists to accept servitude, resorting to drastic action and murdering them all by blowing the spaceship up, or alternatively, covering the cost of the Grav Drive.

Your decision here will lead to the next task.

Starfield First Contact Grav Drive option

Choosing the Grav Drive in the Starfield First Contact quest is probably the best and kindest choice. After all, the ESC Constant crew are fellow Earthlings who haven't done much wrong apart from struggling to stay alive.

To buy the Grav Drive, go to the nearby shop and talk to an NPC named Bennu. At first, he'll ask for a hefty 40,000 credits for the parts. Yet, if you excel in the Persuasion mini-game, he'll reduce the cost to 25,000 credits.

After acquiring the grav drive, go back to Diana and inform her about it. This action prompts the ship to depart, as the colonists set out to discover a new planet to settle. You will be able to trace the ship's whereabouts via the assignments or quests menu.

And that covers everything you should know about the First Contact quest in Starfield. If you don't have enough money to buy the Grav Drive, take advantage of the money glitch in Starfield or smuggle and sell contraband.

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