Starfield file size - how many GB is Bethesda's RPG on Xbox and PC?

Starfield file size - how many GB is Bethesda's RPG on Xbox and PC?
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield file size - how many GB is Bethesda's RPG on Xbox and PC?
Credit: Bethesda

Bethesda has finally unveiled the system requirements and file size for Starfield.

With this long-awaited information in hand, you can get ready for the game and make sure your PC/Xbox is ready to handle it. The file size is so big that you may need to free up storage space to align your PC/console with the demands of Starfield.

In this guide, we will reveal the exact number of GBs that Starfield occupies on PC and Xbox, ensuring you have the necessary storage space prepared for this interstellar journey.

Starfield file size on PC and Xbox

According to information available on the Steam Page and Xbox page, the initial file size of Starfield on PC and Xbox will be around 125 GB and 139.84 GB respectively upon launch.

Starfield File Size
Xbox Series X|S
139.84 GB at launch
125 GB at launch

However, it is important to note that this file size does not include any potential day-one updates or future patches that may be released by Bethesda.

With Starfield's vast and immersive universe boasting over 1000 planets to explore, it comes as no surprise that the game's file size reaches staggering proportions.

Interestingly, both the Standard and Premium editions of Starfield have an identical file size, despite the additional content bundled with the Premium edition.

How big is the day one patch for Starfield?

Naturally, as with all Bethesda games, there is quite a big patch waiting for you to be downloaded. The day one patch is 15.48GB for the Xbox version of the game and 13.4 GB for the PC version. Better get ready to make some more space for the game, right?

How to make space for Starfield

Considering the ginormous file size of Starfield, which is 125 GB on PC and Xbox, it might be wise to evaluate your current game library and consider freeing up some space.

Deleting or uninstalling lesser-played titles can create room for this interstellar adventure to reside comfortably on your device.

Alternatively, investing in an external storage device could be an excellent solution for expanding your storage capacity.

By connecting an external hard drive or SSD, you can not only accommodate Starfield but also ensure room for future gaming endeavours without sacrificing existing games.

Regardless of its file size, the anticipation surrounding Starfield's imminent release seems to be unstoppable. In fact, Starfield hype is already causing other devs to change their plans.

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