Starfield error code 0xc00000096 - how to fix

Starfield error code 0xc00000096 - ship landed

Starfield error code 0xc00000096 - ship landed

There is nothing more irritating than having your nice space trip interrupted by a crash or an error. That is what is happening with Starfield error code 0xc00000096, with many gamers having to restart the game. But is there a simple fix perhaps to get rid of it?

As with many other Bethesda games, Starfield has launched with a relatively long list of issues and problems. Not as many as in the past, but still not a fun time overall having to deal with them.

But luckily we can help you deal with Starfield error code 0xc00000096, let's see how to fix it and get back to gaming.

How to fix Starfield error code 0xc00000096

This is an error that can be often fixed by updating your video drivers, clearing the shade cache and limiting the FPS. While none of these fixes are 100% proof, they are simple so you can definitely try them quickly.

Let's take a look at them in order.

Updating video drivers

This is an easy one, just check the NVIDIA control panel or the Device manager in Windows for updates. Do this every so often as, with games that have been launched recently, companies might release specific game updates to fix problems. That might be the case with Starfield, for sure.

Clear shader cache

The DirectX Shader Cache is a functionality designed to optimize the performance of various applications, games, and software by storing shaders. It might save you loading times, but it can also lead to an excessive build-up of files, potentially resulting in substantial storage consumption and even game crashes during gameplay.

This is how to do clear the cache:

  • Access the Run dialog box by pressing the Win+R keys.
  • In the Run dialog box, enter "cleanmgr" and press Enter to launch Disk Cleanup.
  • Tick the DirectX Shader Cache checkbox then click OK.
  • Click on "Delete files" in the pop-up window.
  • Now reboot your PC and launch Starfield again.

But there is one more thing to try.

Limit FPS

This is a good way not to tax your PC or video card so much. You can do so in the NVIDIA control panel or any other apps you are using. Turn on VSYNC and try limiting the FPS to 60 or even less. Launch the game again and see if the error is solved.

What causes Starfield error code 0xc00000096?

There might be many potential reasons as to why this error is showing up. For example, third party apps running in the background (such as your antivirus), corrupted installation files, or your PC not meeting the system requirements. Indeed, many things can go wrong.

That's all we have for you on this error, but for more tips and tricks on how to run the game check out our errors guide and vehicles.

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