Starfield early access - start date and how to get

Starfield early access - start date and how to get

Starfield early access - start date and how to get

If you want to get Starfield early access and play the game ahead of its official release, this guide is for you!

Excitement is mounting as the release of Starfield, the highly anticipated space exploration game, draws near. Bethesda Game Studios has announced that the official launch date for Starfield is set for September 6.

However, eager fans will have a chance to play Starfield early. In this guide, we'll show you the full gist of the Starfield early access. Read on.

Starfield early access start date

Starfield Early Access starts on September 1, five days prior to the official release date.

With early access, players will get an exciting headstart in exploring the uncharted planets of Starfield before its official release, delving into captivating romantic options and discovering the best weapons in the game.

Mark your calendars for September 1, and prepare to embark on an intergalactic odyssey like no other.

How to get Starfield early access?

You can get Starfield early access by purchasing the Starfield Digital Premium Edition. This is an awesome bundle that will help you maximize the Starfield gaming experience.

The Starfield Digital Premium Edition contains the base game, Constellation skin pack, digital artbook, digital soundtrack, and five full days of early access gameplay.

The Shattered Space Story expansion is also included, but this can only be accessed on the actual release date. It is worth mentioning the Starfield file size for the Premium Edition is the same as Standard Edition.

If you're an Xbox user, you can also get the Starfield Premium Edition from Best Buy or Gamestop. You'll get all of the inclusive physical items, and the digital items will be sent to your email through a special code.

Starfield pre-order

Starfield's early access bundle also comes with some pre-order exclusive rewards. The pre-order bonuses will be available on different platforms such as PC, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X.

The Starfield pre-order bonus is also known as the Old Mars Skin Pack. This pack contains a Laser Cutter, a Deep Mining Helmet, and a Deep Mining Pack. If you're planning to roleplay as a space rock miner, you can never go wrong with the Old Mars Skin Pack.

We'll update this article once new bonuses have been added to Starfield's pre-order bundles. Until then, you can always check out Starfield's Steam community hub for more detailed information.

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