Starfield creatures - locations and taming possibilities

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Starfield creatures - locations and taming possibilities
Credit: Bethesda

If you are curious about the creatures in Starfield and want to learn more about what you can do with them, then this guide is tailor-made for your curiosity.

All Starfield planets are fully explorable, but only 10% of Starfield’s planets have life on them. As you travel around these lively planets, you'll encounter a diverse array of beings, ranging from Dinosaurs to insect-like creatures, and everything in between.

In this guide, we will not only uncover the list of creatures that inhabit the universe of Starfield but also provide insights into their specific locations within the game world.

Starfield creatures list and their locations

While the precise count of creatures in Starfield remains unknown, there's a multitude waiting to be discovered on various planets.

Among these creatures, you'll encounter a spectrum of different behaviours, with some being inherently aggressive while others are more passive in nature.

Starfield Creature Location
AshtaAkila City
SirenAlpha Andraste II
Twintail HerbivoreAlpha Andraste III
Bardeen IIIHerding Spiderwasp Grazer
Coralbug ScavengerCassiopeia I
MaggotmawCharybdis III
Hunting VuvuzeliskErdani III
Flocking Shroomhead GrazerGroombridge VIII-a
Kreet StalkerKreet
Unnamed Kreet RoachKreet
Metropus FloaterLantana III
Angler HexapodMoloch I
Hunting TwistfinNesoi
Herding Crab HerbivoreTidacha I
Hunting SailgatorTidacha I
Mothwing GrazerTidacha I
Swarming DragonTidacha I
Hunting ThornmantisVerne II

Please keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive, and there are numerous other creatures in the Starfield universe that we may not have encountered or included here. We will update this list as we come across new and undiscovered creatures in the game.

Can you tame the creatures in Starfield?

Unfortunately, you cannot tame the Starfield creatures or have them as loyal pets to aid you in battles, unlike other games. There will be no petting the space dog here.

In other words, players won't be able to mount creatures to use them as land vehicles for transportation. Instead, you'll have to rely on your trusty boost pack to navigate the vast and mysterious cosmos, making it your primary means of getting around.


The creatures in the game serve more as environmental elements rather than interactive companions. They exist primarily to contribute to the overall atmosphere and realism of the game's worlds, making them feel more vibrant and alive.

And that covers everything about the creatures in Starfield. Be sure to explore our other Starfield guides including how to recharge suit protection and how to take advantage of the money glitch.

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