Star Wars Outlaws - release date, trailer and platforms

Star Wars Outlaws - release date, trailer and platforms

Star Wars Outlaws - release date, trailer and platforms

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A new Star Wars game is being made by Ubisoft and it's going to be an open-world adventure. This new game was revealed to be Star Wars Outlaws at the 2023 Summer Game Fest, and gamers have been looking for info on its release date, trailer, and platforms since then.

Outlaws will be the first Star Wars game with an open-world setting, so fans are either extremely excited or highly sceptical about it.

In this article, we aim to shed some light on the info provided by the Star Wars Outlaws reveal.

Star Wars Outlaws release date

Star Wars Outlaws will release sometime in 2024.

Unfortunately, that's all we have to go on for now. Two trailers for the upcoming game were shown at the 2023 Summer Game Fest, but neither of them revealed a specific release date.

There is still plenty of 2023 left to go though, so Star Wars fans will just have to sit tight and wait for Ubisoft to divulge more information on the Outlaws release date.

Star Wars Outlaws platforms

Those looking to play Star Wars Outlaws will be excited to hear that the game will be available on multiple platforms.

Here are the platforms where you can play Star Wars Outlaws:

  • Windows PC
  • Xbox Series X/S
  • PlayStation 5

It should be noted that while Outlaws will be playable on PC, you will only be able to get it through Ubisoft Connect. The game might become available on Steam or Epic Games later on, but if you're looking to play the game on PC at launch then expect to get it through Ubisoft's own digital front.

Star Wars Outlaws trailer

There were actually two trailers for Star Wars Outlaws that were shown at the Summer Game Fest. One was a cinematic that set the tone for the game's story, while the other showcased its gameplay.

Here's the cinematic trailer first:

For the gameplay trailer, keep in mind that the footage shown is still a work in progress, so there could still be some polishing done to the game. Have a look:

That covers everything on the Star Wars Outlaws release date, platforms, and trailer for now. We'll be sure to share any updates on the game as soon as they come out.

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