How to fix Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes error code 3.0

how to fix star wars galaxy of heroes error code 3.0
Credit: EA

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is still played by millions of players but the dark side has blocked their gaming with an issue called Error Code 3.0. While it’s not Order 66, the code has been a pain to many mobile gamers who have been playing the game since its launch.

This has been one of the game’s most problematic bugs, as Error Code 3.0 has prevented many players from logging into the title. Considering how the hero-collecting game wants its players to log in daily, this is a major issue that makes the game look worse.

With many mobile gamers needing a major fix so they can keep collecting heroes and villains, can we fix Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Error Code 3.0? Read on, you must.

How to fix Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Error Code 3.0

Error Code 3.0 has been the thorn in the side of many Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes players, as it's preventing them from playing the addictive gacha title. When encountering the error, the game tells players to check their internet connection and hit restart, which often doesn’t work.

Currently, there is no permanent fix to this bug, but there are a couple of solutions to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Error Code 3.0:

  • Check your internet connection, restart your router if needed
  • Restart the game
  • Clear the mobile game’s cache and data, then restart the app

Now, if these solutions work for you, then it should be easy to keep playing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Unfortunately, if they’re still encountering Error 3.0 when playing Galaxy of Heroes, there could be an issue that mobile gamers can’t normally fix.

What to do if previous steps didn’t work

Simply put, if players did everything above and they’re still getting Error Code 3.0 in Galaxy of Heroes, there’s only one thing to do; wait for an update. It’s possible that the folks at EA are working on the game’s next major update, maybe even adding a new event or two, and that means waiting for a patch.

Obviously, players can contact the game’s support but that doesn’t always go well. They should still try if they’re that eager to play the app, as it could lead to something substantial. But if it gets ignored, EA is probably working on an update and that could mean players won’t encounter Galaxy of Heroes Error Code 3.0 for a good while.

And that’s how to solve Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Error Code 3.0 on mobile devices. Players can try the game out on their smartphones and tablets, assuming this code isn’t preventing anyone from getting in.

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