Star Trek Resurgence resolution issues and how to fix it

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Star Trek Resurgence resolution issues and how to fix it

Despite its potential, Star Trek Resurgence faces significant resolution issues that have left players longing for a more polished experience.

From the absence of 4K support and the inability to disable motion blur to the presence of an FPS limiter, Star Trek Resurgence falls short in delivering the seamless and visually captivating gameplay fans had hoped for.

In this article, we delve into these issues and propose potential solutions, aiming to revitalize Star Trek Resurgence and deliver the stellar gaming experience fans have been eagerly awaiting.

How to fix Star Trek Resurgence resolution issues

To address the resolution issues in Star Trek Resurgence, Lyall has created a comprehensive fix that brings forth an array of improvements.

This remarkable solution introduces support for custom resolutions and aspect ratios, uncapped framerate, and offers additional enhancements to elevate the overall gaming experience.

Here is how you can install the Star Trek Resurgence resolution fix:

  • Grab the latest release of StarTrekResurgenceFix from here.
  • Extract the contents of into the folder you have the game installed (e.g. "C:\Games\Star Trek Resurgence").

Once you have the fix installed, open StarTrekResurgenceFix.ini with Notepad to adjust the settings for the fix. You can disable motion blur and depth of field in the configuration file.

How to fix Star Trek Resurgence ultrawide issues

Star Trek Resurgence, despite its captivating gameplay and engaging cutscenes, presents an issue for ultrawide users with the presence of pillarboxing and letterboxing. These black bars on both sides of the screen hinder immersion and diminish the overall experience.

You can fix the Star Trek Resurgence ultrawide issues by installing the StarTrekResurgenceFix from here, thanks to Lyall. The patch allows you to change the resolution/aspect ratio to your liking, eliminating the pesky black bars.

Take a look at the side-by-side comparison below to see the difference before and after the patch.


Star Trek Resurgence resolution issues and how to fix it
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+ 2


Star Trek Resurgence resolution issues and how to fix it
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+ 2

As you can see, the black bars that previously hindered your ultrawide gaming experience have been completely eliminated, allowing for a more immersive and visually engaging gameplay session.

Features of the patch

  • Custom resolution/aspect ratio support.
  • Removes pillarboxing/letterboxing in gameplay and cutscenes.
  • Correct FOV scaling no matter what resolution you use.
  • Disable the FPS cap in both gameplay/cutscenes + enable interpolation in cutscenes for smoother animations.
  • Toggles for motion blur and depth of field.

With the ultrawide patch applied, Star Trek Resurgence can now make full use of your screen's real estate, enhancing your enjoyment of the game to a whole new level.

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