How to fix Star Citizen error code 19005

How to fix Star Citizen error code 19005

How to fix Star Citizen error code 19005

As a massively multiplayer online game, Star Citizen is bound to come across errors and glitches when you try to play. One common error you might encounter is error code 19005.

Other errors like 60015 have been known to pop up on Star Citizen, but that hasn't stopped its player base from logging into the game.

We're looking to keep up the same mindset with error 19005, and continue playing Star Citizen shortly after encountering it.

What is Star Citizen error code 19005?

This is an error code that normally appears as players try to launch Star Citizen. When it shows up, it usually means that there is something wrong with the game's files.

Error code 19005 could also indicate that the user's settings are preventing the game from launching properly.

Common causes for these issues include corrupted files, outdated drivers, or interference from anti-virus programs. Whatever the cause might be for this error code, know that there are also several fixes you can try to get back into Star Citizen.

How to fix Star Citizen error code 19005

Here are some things you can try that have proven effective for other players:

  • Update your drivers: Using outdated drivers can be the cause of error code 19005 in Star Citizen so make sure everything is up to date.
  • Verify your files: You can do this through the game's launcher and any defective files found in the process will be replaced.
  • Reinstall the game: This is another way of making sure all the game files are running properly, though it will take more time to complete.
  • Adjust anti-virus settings: You can tweak your anti-virus software settings to put less strain on Star Citizen, but know that doing so can leave your PC vulnerable.
  • Disable fullscreen optimizations: You can do this by right-clicking on the Star Citizen shortcut and then going to the compatibility tab.

If you've tried everything listed above and are still encountering issues, you might want to try getting in contact with Star Citizen's support page.

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