Ready or Not update 1.0 release date and patch notes

Ready or not update 1.0 release date soldier with skull face

Ready or not update 1.0 release date soldier with skull face

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Are you ready to go in and secure the place? Well, ready or not you have to do it. In this fast paced, intense first-person shooter there is little time to think. There is a harsh world out there and we have to fight. Gamers are wondering about the Ready or not update v.1.0 release date, when is it out? What’s going to feature?

This tactical first-person shooter by VOID interactive has had many gamers talking. Its early access run has already offered plenty of interesting features, but gamers - understandably - want more.

But when will it come out of early access? Let’s find out all about the Ready or Not update v1.0 and look at a possible release date.

When is the Ready or Not 1.0 update release date?

The final update for the game before it will leave early access will probably be released before the end of 2023, going on what the dev studio has been saying. Naturally this is just speculation, we won’t have an official confirmation on the date until the dev studio actually announces it.

The studio has been releasing dev diaries on YouTube, along with answering questions from players. Many have asked about the 1.0 update, and the studio has been vague and dismissive. But we are pretty sure that their plans are to release before the year is out. Naturally, other updates will follow in the future.

What are the features of the Ready or Not 1.0 update?

So far, the studio has confirmed that the new update will include a new map known as "Streamer", which will see the SWAT team respond to a prank call from a streamer's viewer. This is just one of the possible features that might be included in the upcoming update.

Other features might include the day/night cycle, which has been in the works from the studio for a while now. Also the studio has mentioned about implementing a VOIP system within the game. This could allow players' in-game microphones to be manipulated by the environments around them, for added realism.

Other possible features might also include more powerful zoom scopes for the weapons. Finally, there could be some better map interactivity. For example, players might be allowed to turn off electricity in certain places, to act more stealthily with the cover of darkness. The studio has surely also been working on some surprises.

That’s all we have for you on the Ready or Not 1.0 update. If you are interested in checking out more about the game, take a look at our can you play solo guide and the maximum number of player limit in a map.

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