Ready or Not player limit – what is the maximum number of players in Ready or Not?

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Ready or Not player limit

Though VOID Interactive’s SWAT-themed shooter will have a story mode, its main focus right now is multiplayer. There will be a Ready or Not player limit when grouping up, so don’t go inviting all of your friends to play just yet.

In Ready or Not, you get to form a group of SWAT team members to take down dangerous criminals, defuse bombs, and answer stream-swatting calls around the fictional city of Los Suenos.

So, just how many people can join your team of elite law enforcers before you reach the Ready or Not player limit? Let’s find out!

What is the maximum number of players in Ready or Not?

You can have a maximum of five players on your team in Ready or Not’s multiplayer modes.

If you are short a few members for your five-man squad, the remaining slots in the group will be filled in by random players in the lobby or AI bots. Remember, Ready or Not puts a lot of emphasis on teamwork and coordination, so make sure everyone is on comms.

Or you can attempt to accomplish missions alone if you’re up for a challenge. To give this a try, just start a game with a group of bots and tell them to wait in the spawn area while you take care of business by yourself.

Does Ready or Not have a PVP mode?

No, Ready or Not does not have a PVP mode in its current state.

But that will change after the game’s official release! The game’s PVP mode was available for a brief period during Early Access, but it was removed after negative feedback.


Since then, the developers have been focusing on the co-op and single-player modes for Ready or Not as they try to fix the buggy PVP. The game’s official FAQ page states that any news regarding the status of PVP will be announced through their social media channels.

So that’s it for the Ready or Not player limit. While you’re here, you can also check to see if Ready or Not will be available on consoles.

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