Ready or Not mods – the best mods to transform your game

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Ready or Not mods

VOID Interactive has already given us a great tactical shooter, but certain mods can bump it up to the next level. For this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best Ready or Not mods you can get for an even better gaming experience.

Fans are already excited about the release of the 1.0 version of the game, but the modding community has already made some amazing additions to the game even though it’s still in early access.

So, let’s check out some of the best Ready or Not mods for an enhanced co-op shooting game experience.

Best Ready or Not mods

Gunfighter Gameplay Improvement 2 v3.5.4 and Old Wenderley Psych Hospital are just an example of some of our favorite Ready or Not mods. Let’s get into the details of some of the most popular choices available.

Better Enemy Behavior

This mod adjusts how enemies react to the player during encounters. They will have reduced aim and take a few milliseconds longer to pull the trigger on you.

House Arrest

This is a map based on a house in the suburbs. It has two variations – House Arrest which is set during the day, and Suburban Decay, a more difficult scenario set at night.

Old Wenderley Psych Hospital

Another new map to explore, this mod has more of a creepy factor as you’re sent to an abandoned hospital to deal with armed drug dealers.

Recorded or Not

This mod alters how you view the game while playing, making it look like you are watching an officer’s body cam footage.

Gunfighter Gameplay Improvement 2 v3.5.4

With this mod, you get a more realistic gunfight experience when engaging with enemies. It makes several adjustments to gunplay with things like bloom suppression, the gun’s position on the screen, and recoil.

Where to get mods for Ready or Not


The most popular place to get mods for Ready or Not is Nexus Mods. In fact, all of the mods listed above can be downloaded from that site.

Most if not all Ready or Not mods from Nexus are free, but you will need to create an account on the website to download them. All you’ll need to register with Nexus Mods is an active email account.

And that’s it for some of the best Ready or Not mods available today. The modding community is always working on new mods or improvements on existing ones, so keep an eye out for updates. For more information on the tactical shooter, feel free to check out if it will come to consoles or if it has controller support.

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