Does Ready or Not have controller support?

Ready or Not controller support - An image from the game with an image of an Xbox controller in the foreground

Ready or Not controller support - An image from the game with an image of an Xbox controller in the foreground

Ready or Not stands as one of the best tactical shooters in the gaming world.
Considering the game's demand for high precision, it's natural for players to question the state of controller support within Ready or Not.

While we've received updates on various aspects of the game, such as its availability on consoles, the player limit, and the inclusion of a solo mode, the clarity regarding controller support in Ready or Not remains one aspect where players are still seeking definitive answers.

In this guide, we'll delve into the current state of controller support for Ready or Not, exploring official statements from VOID Interactive, as well as community-driven solutions that have emerged.

Does Ready or Not have controller support?

At present, Ready or Not does not have official controller support. However, the devs have mentioned in the official FAQ that controller support is expected to be implemented as the game nears its official launch.

The Alpha will not feature official controller support out of the gate, but we will look to incorporate it during or closer to the Beta.

That being said, players have found workarounds to play the game with a controller through Steam's Big Picture mode or by configuring their controllers using community layouts and tools like reWASD.

How to play Ready or Not using a controller

Since Ready or Not doesn’t have official controller support just yet, you’ll need to do a bit of setting up before you can enjoy the game. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Plug in your controller and open Steam.
  • Head to your Library and select Ready or Not.
  • Click on Controller Layout.
  • Click on your current layout which should be displaying the controller that is already connected to your PC.
  • Open the Community Layouts tab near the top of the window.
  • Click on a layout to view its button mapping.
  • After you find one you like, hit the Apply Layout button.

Once that’s all done, you should be able to play Ready or Not with a controller. If you’re using anything other than an Xbox controller and Steam is having trouble detecting it, you may need to install a third-party program like DS4Windows to help.

And that’s it for Ready or Not controller support. Hope we have answered your doubts. While you are here, explore our other Ready or Not guides, including mods and voice commands.

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