Is it worth buying PS5 in 2024?

PlayStation 5 consoles on grey background
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The PlayStation 5 (PS5) took the gaming world by storm upon its release in November 2020. Now, with the start of 2024, the gaming scene is buzzing with one question: is the PS5 still worth buying in 2024? Overall, PlayStation had a massively lucrative 2023 as the PS5 was the best-selling console.

We have witnessed the release of some stellar video games that prompted gamers to leap forward and buy the latest member of the PlayStation family. However, we have been also treated with a brand new PS5 Slim console that brought a new sleeker look and bigger internal storage of 1TB in comparison to 825GB on a regular PS5 along with a removable optical drive.

Nevertheless, 2024 looks as promising as the previous years with many new games coming out and a rumoured PS5 pro that should push the hardware limits. With all this in mind, let's dive into the question, is PS5 worth buying in 2024?

Should you buy PS5 in 2024?

Sony PS5 disc version and Portal
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PS5 and Portal

Before jumping and buying a PS5 in 2024, you should consider a few things that could weigh in on your decision.

Sony's traditional focus on blockbuster single-player games is undergoing a shift, with a scarcity of first-party single-player titles announced for 2024. This might be unsettling for some, but Sony's agile marketing strategy leaves room for surprises. Those eyeing a PS5 in 2024 are essentially investing in Games as a Service (GAAS) titles and may experience a reduction in exclusive offerings.

Third-party exclusives

To fill the content gaps, Sony has relied on third-party exclusives such as Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth and Silent Hill 2. These titles may cater to certain gamers, but the absence of must-have original games shortly suggests that potential buyers can afford to wait.

PlayStation Portal and Internet Connection

The introduction of the PlayStation Portal in 2023 added a unique element to the gaming experience. However, its dependency on a high-speed internet connection may impact its functionality. Although many have been disappointed with Portal not being the heir to PS Vita, it was sold out quickly and many have only praise for this hand-held device.

PS5 vs. PS5 Slim

Sony's release of the PS5 Slim is a rather palpable alternative for potential buyers. The smaller and lighter design, coupled with additional internal storage makes it an attractive option. The pricing, identical for both models, offers a choice based on personal preferences and space constraints.

What to expect in 2024

As we look ahead, rumours of a potential PS5 Pro console release have been vivid and only add to the dilemma. Although the improved console promises an enhanced gaming experience, we are still far away from the official release. Additionally, expectations for expanded functionality in the PlayStation Portal, more exclusive games, and advancements in cloud gaming technology paint an exciting picture for the PS5's future.

Whether the PS5 is worth buying in 2024 depends on your individual preferences and priorities. While the current lack of exclusive blockbuster games might make some hesitate, the PS5's existing library and the promise of future developments make it a compelling choice for avid gamers. There is no doubt that PS5 will remain a solid choice for everyone who enjoys console gaming despite the addition to the lineup with the release of PS5 Slim.

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