PS4 error code WS-46332-8 - fix the PlayStation Plus error

PS4 error code WS-46332-8 - fix the PlayStation Plus error

PS4 error code WS-46332-8 - fix the PlayStation Plus error

If you are hit by PS4 error code WS-46332-8 while trying to download the free PS Plus games, this guide is for you!

Like any gaming console, your PS4 can sometimes encounter errors that can be frustrating. From error code WC-40383-8 to error code SU-42481-9 to the error code in question, there is a variety of issues you can encounter.

In this article, we will explore what the WS-46332-8 error code is, what causes it, and most importantly, how to fix it so that you can get back to downloading the games you like.

How to fix PS4 error code WS-46332-8

Given that the PS4 error code WS-46332-8 is a result of high network traffic on the release day of new complimentary games, it might be best to try downloading the game at off-peak hours when there may be less network congestion.

Another solution for the PS4 error code WS-46332-8 is to download the game via the PS app on the phone. Many Reddit users have found this trick to be surprisingly effective in circumventing the issue.

What is PS4 error code WS-46332-8?

PS4 error code WS-46332-8 pops up when you try to download the free PS Plus games. The error message says: "This item is available exclusively for PlayStation Plus members. Sign up today and take full advantage of your PS4."

This error code presents an anomaly, as it frequently appears for users who already hold active PlayStation Plus subscriptions, leading to confusion and frustration.

It's plausible that the error could be related to the synchronization or timing issues with the PSN's license activation process. This license activation is an essential step that verifies the user's subscription status and grants them permission to access the content.

On the days when new free games are released for PlayStation Plus members, there might be a high volume of traffic and transactions in the system. This unusually high amount of network traffic could cause a delay or error in the license activation process.

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