How to fix PS4 error code NP-34954-5

How to fix PS4 error code NP-34954-5

How to fix PS4 error code NP-34954-5

If you are encountering PS4 error code NP-34954-5 while trying to set your PlayStation 4 console as the primary account, this guide is for you!

Like any gaming console, your PS4 can sometimes encounter errors that can be frustrating. From error code NP-34958-9 to error code NP-44125-6 to the error code in question, there is a variety of issues you can encounter.

In this article, we will explore what the NP-34954-5 error code is, what causes it, and most importantly, how to fix it so that you can get back to playing the games and apps you like.

What is PS4 error code NP-34954-5?

PS4 error code NP-34954-5 is related to network connectivity issues on the PlayStation 4 console. This error code prevents users from connecting to the server to verify their license or set PS4 as the primary console. Even some PS4 games are locked, as a result of this error.

Here's a breakdown of the error code:

  • "NP" indicates that the error is related to the PlayStation Network.
  • "34954-5" is the specific error code number assigned to this issue.

A Reddit user reached out to PlayStation Support regarding the PS4 error code NP-34954-5, and the folks at PlayStation acknowledged that there are ongoing server issues causing the problem.

How to fix PS4 error code NP-34954-5

We have seen a lot of players posting their experiences with PS4 error code NP-34954-5 on Reddit, and we’ve done our best to comb through them all to find the most helpful information and share it with you.

So here are the proven solutions to fix PS4 error code NP-34954-5:

  • Deactivate all accounts from the PlayStation website. (Credit: vosgueules)
  • Change the DNS settings to Google's public DNS. The primary DNS is and the secondary is It is one of the best DNS servers for PS5 and PS4. (Credit: Playful-Ice628)
  • Go into Settings > Account Management > Sign Out. Then, sign back in using your account information. (Credit: Trust-Front)
  • Try using your Mobile Hotspot to connect to the Internet. Also, try restoring licenses. (Credit: Epic_Monster)

It is important to note that while the fixes mentioned above have been suggested by users, there is no definitive guarantee that they will permanently resolve the issue. Several users have reported experiencing the problem reoccurring.

Some users on Reddit have reported instances where the problem resolved itself without any further intervention. These users experienced a spontaneous resolution of the issue, with PS4 error code NP-34954-5 disappearing on its own.

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