How to fix PS4 error code NP-31805-7

PS4 error code NP-31805-7 - An image of PlayStation 4 console

PS4 error code NP-31805-7 - An image of PlayStation 4 console

Constantly encountering the PS4 error code NP-31805-7 while trying to upload save data to the cloud can be incredibly frustrating.

PS4 users often face a range of error codes, each representing a unique technical challenge, though deciphering them can be a complex task. From NP-34958-9 to CE-30005-8, and NP-34954-5, these codes are enigmatic, offering little insight into the underlying issue.

Today, we're tackling another such cryptic message: NP-31805-7. In this guide, we'll explore various strategies to diagnose and resolve this specific cloud save error.

How to fix PS4 error code NP-31805-7

To fix PS4 error code NP-31805-7, begin by verifying the PlayStation Network service status to see if there are any reported issues that might be affecting cloud storage services.

Even if the official PSN status page indicates that "All services are up and running," it's still a good idea to look at social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter. This is because sometimes there might be a broader, yet unreported, issue with PSN services.

If you find that the issue is widespread and being experienced by many users, it's a strong indication that it is server-related. In such cases, the most effective course of action is to wait until the problem is resolved by the server administrators.

In case the issue appears to be isolated to your system, it could be a problem with your internet connection. In such a scenario, we recommend changing your DNS settings. Make sure you use one of the best DNS servers for PS4.

What is PS4 error code NP-31805-7?

The error code NP-31805-7 on PS4 typically indicates an issue related to uploading data to the cloud. This error often occurs when trying to upload save data to PlayStation Network's cloud storage.

In most instances, the error code NP-31805-7 on the PlayStation 4 is related to issues on the server side. This means that the problem often arises when PlayStation Network servers are either down or experiencing high traffic volumes.

Typically, these kinds of server-related issues are resolved within a day. Server administrators often address and fix such problems promptly, ensuring that disruptions to service are kept to a minimum.

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