Pokemon Sleep error code -000001 - how to fix the issue

An image of the Pokemon Sleep error code -000001

An image of the Pokemon Sleep error code -000001

If you are encountering Pokemon Sleep error code -000001 while logging into the game or carrying out any in-game actions, you are not alone.

Twitter and Reddit are buzzing with users expressing their frustrations and concerns about this problem. As avid trainers around the world gear up for their nightly adventures in the world of Pokemon Sleep, encountering this peculiar error can be quite the buzzkill.

In this guide, we'll unravel the mysteries behind error code -000001 and equip you with the knowledge and solutions needed to get back to your sleep research and Pokemon-catching endeavours without a hitch.

What is Pokemon Sleep error code -000001?

It appears the Pokemon Sleep error code -000001 is a widespread issue plaguing both iOS and Android users, suggesting that the problem may be related to issues with the game servers.

The problem seems to have surfaced on September 12, 2023, following a recent game update. Numerous users are now experiencing difficulties, including logging into the game, participating in sleep research activities, and essentially carrying out any in-game actions.

The presence of a negative error code in Pokemon Sleep is a bit concerning, as negative error codes are uncommon in most error code systems. It could indicate an error that the developers hadn't anticipated or prepared for.

The developers have acknowledged the Pokemon Sleep error code -000001 and stated on Twitter that they are investigating that issue. Hopefully, they'll fix it soon and maybe give you free stuff as an apology.

How to fix Pokemon Sleep error code -000001

Since the Pokemon Sleep error code -000001 is related to a server or game-side issue, the actions that individual users can take to resolve it on their end are limited.

Only the game's developers or server administrators can fix the issue. On the Twitter post, they advise users to not delete the app or transfer the sleep data, so keep that in mind.

However, users can still try the following steps as basic troubleshooting:

  • Wait and Retry: Sometimes, server-related issues are temporary and get resolved on their own. You can periodically attempt to log in or use the app again.
  • Check official channels: Keep an eye on the official Pokemon Sleep Twitter account for updates from the developers regarding the issue. They might provide information on when the problem is expected to be resolved.

The best course of action when dealing with server-related errors such as the Pokemon Sleep error code -000001 is to wait until the issue is resolved. Make sure you stay informed through official channels.

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